About Us

A little about Ordinary…

Ordinary was born when a bunch of us sat about one evening talking about publications that we liked. Or at least didn’t hate. And we came up with…well, not many. Perhaps it was a frustration with the blandness the printed material lining the recycling bins of our city, or perhaps it was just the scotch, but we thought – fuck it – let’s start our own magazine! But wait – we have no money. Wait again – let’s make it an online magazine! (It turns out they’re not that cheap either, but we found that out too late.)

Ordinary can be described by what it is not. We are not interested in the beautiful people/alienoids, musical ensembles that move units or breathless advertorials. We are instead curious about the stories of ordinary people: why they go to work in the morning, the choices they make, the pickles they get themselves into, and sometimes out of, and how they cope with the trivial and the everyday.

Ordinary will appear on your screens, monthly* as a package of six stories. Perhaps it will be based around a theme, or perhaps it won’t. We haven’t decided yet.

We are Sydney based.

* This notion of a ‘monthly’ publication implies both regularity and organisational consistency, neither of which we can guarantee. What we can guarantee is that it will always be worth the wait, despite being well, a rather ordinary read.

A little about us...

Caddie Brain

In 2008, Caddie Brain worked for a little while as a journalist in Seoul (despite not knowing a single word of Korean except for "soju" of course). Upon her return, she began chipping away at a first edition of Ordinary in between visits to Centrelink. In former years, Caddie finished a media degree, studied cello and organised an arts festival featuring a world record attempt for the longest gig, lasting 50 hours straight. Other than that, she is a scotch drinker and loves Phil Collins but doesn't know why.

Tega Brain

Tega Brain is weathering the GFC by studying art and design before she runs off to Colombia for a couple of months. Ordinary is her first major design project. Her second involves a frozen dead rat, and she can be found turning up unexpectedly on people's doorsteps asking to borrow their freezer before it melts. Her former life was as an environmental engineer and her favourite cheeses are aged cheddars.

Brendan Phelan

Brendan Phelan enjoys writing bios because they let you talk about yourself in the third person without (necessarily) sounding like a dick. (But if you're not careful you still can.) Anyway, back at school he could be pretty cruel to other kids sometimes, then on the walk home might spend three hours putting earthworms that rain had washed onto the street back into gardens so they wouldn't die. That wasn't an attempt to atone, it was just how things happened. If there's a connection between these behaviours, he's only seeing it in retrospect. He brings this experience to his writing practice. He is currently shaping words downtown at newmatilda.com.

Nic Stone

Nic Stone has big plans and a penchant for eggplant sandwiches. When he is not swimming with orcas off the Antarctic ice shelf or throwing shapes on stage, he is writing children's stories about Malcolm the Purple Alligator and painting portraits of failed dictators. The future for Nic is a blank canvas, but he hopes to run a life advice telephone service from the comfort of a Caribbean Island. In the meantime, he just finished a media degree and has worked for FBi Radio during the last few years.


Can you contribute to Ordinary? I don’t know. Can you?

The short answer is ‘yes’, the long answer is ‘yes absolutely’.

We are always looking for writers, compliments, photographers, and those with ordinary stories…

Contact us via smoke signal, our email, contact@ordinarymagazine.org or if you’re a fellow fancier, send us a carrier pigeon – Chuckles is getting lonely in his cage up on the roof.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo…

Ordinary assumes no legal liability for the works of its contributors. Ordinary also assumes no legal liability for the content of any other web site or materials hyperlinked to or from Ordinary.

The rights to all works published at Ordinary are owned by the creators of the works. If you wish to reproduce any article from Ordinary, please contact us and we will contact the author. Any story reprinted must attribute Ordinary with first publication.


Ordinary would like to thank Paul Rogers, Mike Jedi Knight, Nicole Lugano, Tim Neill, Alex Barber, Andrew Morrison, Miriam Cha, Nicky Lorraway, Anna Klauzner, Taniele Gofers, Libby Leahy, Megan Gordon, Handspun and Boris Gordon.