Cover Artist

Each month Ordinary asks a different artist or photographer to turn the main six story ideas into a cover artwork to be featured on the homepage.

Current Issue

Issue ThreeIssue Three, Melody Willis

Melody Willis is mostly a painter and she mostly paints in Sydney. Growing up, if she went to her father for advice on any matter, he would generally reply, "Just paint. Just get stuck into it. Just keep painting."

Her work has been described as "like ice water straight to the brain," "the workings of a lone wolf, "not everyone’s cup of tea," and "the best thing I’ve ever seen". She wants to make optimistic visual manifestos that affirm the unpredictable and profound situation of being alive.

You can view more of her work here.

Past Issues

Issue TwoIssue Two, Nicholas Beckett

Nicholas Beckett is an artist based in Sydney. ...Blah blah. You know, this could be a really excellent bio but he refuses to let us say anything properly nice about him. "No, don't say things like that," he told us, "I'd prefer to be belittled and humiliated." (Alright, FINE...) Nicholas Beckett makes pictures that are *not* beautiful, and *not* compellingly disturbing and somehow reassuring at the same time.

Have a look at his *un*-interesting website here to see just how *not* awesome his stuff is. (Farking hell dude.)

Issue OneIssue One, Katherine White

Katherine is a Sydney based Graphic Designer who is obsessed with music and possesses quite an expensive Polaroid habit. She uses film or cameras to feed the Polaroid demon that lives upstairs.

You can contact her at or view more of her work here.